Welcome to the Jungle

At one of London’s largest crazy golf courses, I’m taking on the challenge of Jungle Golf in Edgware.

I’ve done crazy golf before, but not on anything like Lost Jungle London’s 36-hole adventure golf course. It offers a water-based Amazon course and a jungle-themed Congo course. My skills are definitely going to be put to the test.

The two courses are designed to test your short and long putting game, as well as your patience. But all while  having fun, too.

The first few holes are fairly simple, but as soon as we get past the fourth, it becomes competitive between me and my friend.

Some of the holes are designed very cleverly. You have the option to take the simple route leading to more strokes, or the risky route and attempt a hole in one.

If you take the riskier route, you’re more likely to fall behind than if you play it safe.

Different strokes

I begin to wise up after one hole which seems very easy when looking at it. I decide to be a bit cocky and end up with a five-stroke difference between me and my opponent.

I then begin to take the safer route to minimise any slip-ups. You start to get tactical without even realising.

It’s a test of both tactical decisions and skill. My accuracy and shot power are vital, especially on the holes with slopes and restricted vision.

If you have a good sense of judgement on how hard to strike the ball, then it  gives you the upper hand.

After completing the first course we tallied up the scores and saw that it was very much neck and neck. Instead of just hitting the ball towards the hole and hoping for the best, I was going to have to properly think each one through and judge exactly how hard or softly I would need to hit the ball in order to get ahead.

Caves and waterfalls

The water-based Amazon course has a whole new variable to consider. This course has us using ramps so the balls won’t end up in the river, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t happen to me at least once.

I liked the scenery here. There are a lot of waterfalls and for one of the holes we had to go inside a cave, which is very different from the average crazy golf venue.

The only thing I don’t like is that each of the 18-holes is very similar. The Congo course had more variety.

Although the Amazon course has the water factor to deal with and is pleasing on the eye, the Congo course is a lot more difficult and tests my skill more.

But both courses brought different elements to my experience, which was a good thing.

Lost Jungle also has foot golf, which is something to try on my next visit.

Overall the experience is really fun. I’d recommend going here with friends and family of all ages and in the summer, if possible. The staff are very helpful and it wasn’t too busy, so we were able to go at our own pace and really enjoy the golf.

Lost Jungle London

 is at Watford By-Pass
, Edgware
, HA8 8DD. The course is open daily, from 9am-4pm, with the last entry being at 3.15pm. Prices start at £8 for students for 18 holes going up to £12 if you want to do both courses.