Q&A – Bake Off star Selasi

If you’re a fan of The Great British Bake Off, you will have seen Selasi Gbormittah competing for the coveted title.

The Ghanaian, whose family moved to the UK 15 years ago, became known to millions of viewers for his calmness and humour throughout the most recent series, as well as producing eye-catching flavours and bakes.

He ended up as a semi-finalist and went out with his head held high, having served up everything from a beautiful three-tiered ombre floral cake to iced hot biscuits which spiced up Mary Berry’s tastebuds.

As well as baking, Selasi, who works in banking, has other hobbies such as playing basketball and has a strong interest in motorcycles.

Elephant Sport spoke to the 30 year old about his sporting stories and his love for basketball and bikes, and much more.

Firstly, what inspired you to play basketball?

It is sport played back in Ghana at schools and all around. Football was also popular although I took more of a liking to basketball. I played for three years for my university basketball team. I still have the jersey and refuse to get rid of it.

Do you have a favourite NBA team?

Yes, the LA Lakers.

What basketball position do you play in?

Guard. I’m a pretty good three-point shooter.

You enjoy riding motorcycles, do you have a collection of different bikes?

I don’t have that luxury yet, but I’m planning to get one or two more additions as the current one feels a little bit lonely. Another sportsbike or a café racer for easy rides across London.

What is your favourite motorcycle?

I love sportsbikes. I started off on a naked bike, but sportsbikes walk the talk.

Are you interested in other sports such as football or rugby? If you like football, do you have a favourite team?

I enjoy football. I don’t understand rugby as much as I would like to. I had a mid-life crisis (as my friends call it), a few years back and joined a local rugby team to understand the sport a bit better, but I quit within weeks. Anyway, back to football – I’m a Chelsea fan.

Do you have any funny or memorable moments of playing any sport? If so, would you kindly share that story?

Yes, during a basketball game with I think Loughborough University, we were losing and I decided to take a shot because I thought time was up and it ended up being a rather embarrassing ‘air ball’. My coach was NOT impressed because we still had two minutes to go and I got sent to the bench.

Growing up, did you have dreams of becoming a sportsman?

No chance. I wanted to be a chef and work in the kitchen.

Favourite basketball player and why?

Kobe Bryant, a great player and a real all-rounder. He led the team and is a real role model.

Favourite football player and team and why?

Didier Drogba. Way too many out there but Drogba stands out as he used to torment defenders, ha, ha! He’s also a great leader for the sport and does a lot of work outside of football to help others less fortunate than him.

And lastly, are you planning to have a motorcycle ride with Paul Hollywood soon?

Who knows with this UK weather!

You can find Selasi on Twitter @selasigb and on Instagram @selasigb. Featured image courtesy of the BBC.